Leak Investigation | Re-pointing | Masonry Repair and Replacement | Balcony Repairs

Waterproof Coatings | Remedial Caulking | Exterior Cleaning & Efflorescence Removal

Lintel & Structural Support Repairs | Plaza Reconstruction | Water Repellents | Flashing Repairs

A building’s exterior provides architectural character and protection from the elements. Regular repairs and maintenance are vital to your building’s value. Your building’s exterior should be inspected regularly for deficiencies and repaired early to prevent a smaller, inexpensive problem from becoming a larger, more expensive one. Common signs of deterioration include: leakage, staining, spalling, and cracks. Our company has over 39 years of experience in helping clients identify and repair existing issues, as well as protecting your façade elements to extend their life cycle.
1. Removal and replacement of broken, cracked and deteriorated facade elements.
2. Building cleaning and protective coatings to prevent future damage
3. Re-anchoring and supporting of the facade elements.

Regular inspections and preventative maintenance can not only prolong the useful life of your facade and building envelope, it can prevent emergency situations that can be both dangerous and costly.

Our team of professionals and skilled craftsmen will customize a solution for your restoration project to fit your needs and budget. We utilize state of the art methods and materials – to keep your facility safe and efficient for all tenants and visitors.

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