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Parking garages are exposed to many harsh conditions including weather, vehicle abuse, snow plows, and de-icing salts which can cause damage or reduce the life cycle of its elements. Parking structures, regardless of age and type of construction require a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Preventing problems before they occur is the most sensible, cost-effective approach to parking structures. Our company has over 39 years of experience in helping clients identify and repair existing issues, as well as protecting your parking garage elements to extend their life cycle.


The first step in a preventive maintenance program involves repairing any existing damage or deterioration. A well managed preventative maintenance program should include:

  1. Repairing deteriorated or damaged concrete.
  2. Sealing or injection of cracks
  3. Replacement of joints sealants & expansion joints.
  4. Repair and reapplication of membrane coatings.
  5. Installation or replacement of floor drains.
  6. Cleaning and painting of corroded steel elements.

Every parking garage experiences different wearing, aging, and abuse. There is no one size fits all approach to parking garage restoration. Our team of experts will design the approach that is best for your structure, taking into consideration the extent and severity of the damage, the structural system of the garage, conditions to which the garage is exposed, and time and budget constraints.

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