South Shore Construction is a commercial construction company specializing in structural restoration and waterproofing of building facades and parking structures. We actively pursue relationships with people and firms in this area of expertise through our involvement with numerous professional networking associations. Since 1981 we have been servicing building owners, property management companies, construction companies, architectural firms and engineering firms of all sizes. We serve all of NJ and portions of the surrounding Tri-State Area. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience includes work on all types of structures including office buildings, apartments, condominiums, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, malls, schools, stadiums and parking garages. Our focus is to extend the life of our clients’ real estate assets through repairs, maintenance and protection.

Mission Statement

We help real estate owners to extend the service life of their property and increase its value through repairs, maintenance, and protection of its exterior construction materials.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to be the most well-known and highly respected structural restoration contractor in the Tri-State Area by offering superior quality, customer service, and project management, for our clients.  We accomplish this by building an exceptional team of dedicated and inspired employees who are committed to personal excellence in their pursuit of serving our clients.

Core Values


Every project that we accomplish and every customer that we satisfy is the result of a team effort. No single employee can carry the company alone. Our company shares the success as a team.


We succeed by being honest with our customers and always doing the right thing by them.

Positive Attitude

We believe that having a positive attitude is key to our long-term success.  A positive attitude leads to positive actions, and positive actions lead to positive results.

Responsiveness to Customers and Problems

Our number one priority is to be readily accessible and to respond to our customers’ needs and problems as quickly as possible.


Our clients can trust in our commitment to providing consistency and quality on all of our projects.


We believe that we must continually work on our own self-improvement and that the improvement of each individual will lead to the greater overall improvement our company.

Be the Example

We believe that in order to lead, we must be the example that we want others to follow.


We believe in being committed in every way. Committed to adhering to our core values. Committed to the exceptional service to our clients. Committed to the pursuit of individual and team excellence.

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