Concrete Repair

Concrete sidewalks and surfaces outside your office or residential building are one of the first things a visitor will encounter.  Having smooth, even and clean concrete walking surfaces are not only great for curb appeal but also for the safety of your residents and visitors.

What is the useful life of a concrete sidewalk? 

Sidewalks can last for decades.  It is important to not only maintain your sidewalk aesthetically but also from a liability standpoint.  Whether it’s a public sidewalk along your property or a private walkway, the building owner is responsible for the safety of the residents and visitors who enter their property.  Trips and slips due to uneven sidewalks can lead to lawsuits.

What are signs to look for when concrete needs to be repaired/replaced? 

Some obvious signs of deterioration include cracked, broken, or raised sidewalks that have shifted due to erosion.  Another condition is called scaling.  This means that the cement is wearing away and the stones in the concrete are sticking out.   

What are the causes of sidewalk defects? 

Some common causes for sidewalk deterioration include erosion of the soil over time, weather (freeze/thaw), de-icing salts, poorly installed/finished concrete during initial placement.

How long does a sidewalk replacement take to complete? 

Sidewalk replacement projects are usually completed rather quickly.  Depending on the amount of concrete to be replaced and phasing required for resident/tenant access, the project could last from anywhere from a few days to several weeks.  Once you have a project scope established, the timeline should be clearly defined. 

How much will it cost? 

As with any construction project, there are always a variety of factors which determine a price including quantity, access, and phasing.  But a standard sidewalk replacement would fall in an $18-$25/square foot range.  Can you afford to NOT fix it?  It is less costly to maintain overtime then to have to spend on a costly emergency repair or a slip and fall lawsuit. 

Are there maintenance procedures to keep up with in the interim? 

Regular, visual inspections of your property and sidewalk are so important.  Inspect your walkways bi-annually, especially after the winter season.  Snow, ice, de-icing salts, freeze and thaw will cause the most damage.

If your sidewalks or concrete on your property needs to be repaired or replaced, please give us a call today to schedule an appointment:  732-750-3300

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